Simply contact our Support team by doing any of the following while including your reason for cancelling: 

  • Open your Relay App on your smartphone, tap on the "Help" link in your menu and write in to the Relay support team requesting to cancel service.


Additional Notes

  • If you purchased from RelayGo's website and are within our money back guarantee, you have the option of returning your Relay to us by following the How to Return instructions in our Return and Replacement Policy. 
  • If you're within our money back guarantee, you will be refunded the cost of service plus any applicable taxes.
  • If you purchased from one of our retail or e-commerce partners you will need to follow their return process.
  • If you're outside our money back guarantee, you'll receive a prorated credit (from the time you cancel to your next bill cycle date) to the debit or credit card we have on file for you.

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