Q: How much does the Relay and service cost?

A: The Relay is $49.99 and service is $9.99 per active Relay per month.

Q: Do the Relays I order have to be used on my account? 

A: No. Relays can be activated on separate accounts.

Q: Can I modify my Relay order?

A: No. Once the order is placed, the order is unable to be changed, even by support.

Q: When I place my order, will the Relay be shipped out the same day?

A: Yes, typically orders placed before 4:30 Eastern time will be shipped out the same day (barring weekends and holidays) 

Q: How do I contact Fedex?

A: Dial 1-800-463-3339 then zero for the operator

Q: Where can I buy a Relay?

A: You can buy a Relay on RelayGo.com or check us out on Target.com and Amazon.com. Check us out!

Q. Can I use PayPal to buy a Relay

A. While we do not offer PayPal as a payment method for service or in our online store, you can use PayPal to purchase from some of our retailers, like Target.com.


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