Powering On/Off

Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds

  • When powering on, Relay is ready to use when the LED ring spins in varying colors like a rainbow
  • When powering off, Relay will announce it's powering down, spin the white LED ring counter-clockwise, and vibrate

Your channels

Your Relay has two channels active by default

  1. Relay channel: A group chat channel for all your Relays to talk to one another
  2. Echo channel: A playback channel that plays anything you say back to you either slower or faster. No one else hears messages sent to this channel.

For more info, see Relay Channels

Changing channels

  1. Press and release the Power button once
  2. Press and release the Power button again within 5 seconds for Relay to announce and change to the next channel
  3. Press and release the Power button repeatedly for Relay to rotate through the channels

Sending a message

  1. Press and hold the Talk button
  2. Say your message
  3. Release the Talk button

Adjusting the volume

  1. Press the Volume button once to check the volume
  2. Press the Volume button again within 2 seconds to increase the volume

A special tone is played at max volume and a step past max volume returns the volume to the minimum level


Attach the charger to the back of your Relay as shown.

Note: The cord and charging pins must be in the orientation as shown in order for Relay to properly charge

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