This article will walk you through how to use your Relay.  If you have questions on how to use the buttons, how to charge your Relay, and what the LED lights mean this is a great starting point.
 Let's dive right in to each button and what they can do! 

Power Button: 

The power button does the following:

  • Power on and off the Relay
  • Play back missed messages
  • Manually cycle through channels and chats

1. Powering on and off your Relay device

Just press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds

Things you should know: 

  • When powering on, Relay is ready to use when the LED ring spins in varying colors like a rainbow!
  • When powering off, Relay will announce that it is now powering down, spin the white LED ring counter-clockwise, and vibrate. 

2. Play back missed messages

Missed Message Playback allows you to playback missed direct chat messages.  

To play the missed message on the Relay, press the power button once.  Your Relay will announce who sent the message, then the messages will instantly play.  If you have multiple missed messages, they'll continue to play until you have heard all missed messages.

To find out more about Missed messages, check out this article here

3. Manually cycle through channels and chats 

Use the Power Button to manually cycle through channels, direct chats, and group chats.

  1. Press and release the Power button once
  2. Press and release the Power button again within 5 seconds for Relay to announce and change to the next channel
  3. Press and release the Power button repeatedly for Relay to rotate through your chats and enabled channels

By default, the Everyone Group Chat is automatically enabled on the Relay devices and can not be removed.

Talk Button: 

The talk button does the following: 

  • Sends a message
  • Sends an SOS Alert

1. Send a Message

To send a message to someone, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Press and hold the Talk button
  2. Say your message
  3. Release the Talk button

Things you should know: 

  • If the receiver of your message (either app or Relay device) is in the group or direct chat at the time the message was sent, it will be received/played out loud in real time.
  • If the receiver of your message (either app or Relay device) is not in the group or direct chat at the time your message is sent the receiver will either be left a message for direct chats, or could receive notification that there's activity on the group chat (app only).

2. Send an SOS alert 

  1. Quickly press the Talk button 5 times
    (the Relay will announce “Hold the Talk button to send an SOS”)
  2. Hold the Talk button down
    (the Relay will announce “Creating SOS. Now on Relay. SOS active”)

To learn more about how to send and receive SOS alerts, click here!

Volume/Assistant Button:

The volume/assistant button does the following: 

  • Adjusts the volume
  • Uses Relay Assistant to automatically place you into the chat or interactive channel you've enabled. 

1. Adjusting the volume

  1. Press the volume button once to check the volume level
  2. Press the volume button again within 2 seconds to increase the volume

A special tone is played at max volume and a step past max volume returns the volume to the minimum level, as well as a white LED light will gradually increase indicating each level. 

2. Relay Assistant 

To ask the assistant to change the channel: 

  • Press and hold the volume button, say the name of the channel or chat that you wish to go to, and Relay will switch over automatically. 

Check out more about the Relay Assistant and it's features in this article here 

Lastly, after a full days worth of activities, don't forget to charge your Relay! 

Charging your Relay: 

Attach the charger to the back of your Relay. The cord and charging pins must be in the orientation as shown in order for the Relay to properly charge! 

When the Relay is charging, depending on the battery status and if it is powered on, you'll either see a white/blue light or a red light around the Push and Talk button. 

Powered Off and Charging: 

This diagram indicates the LED light color around the Talk button when the device is connected to a charger and powered off. 

Powered On and Charging: 

This diagram indicates the LED light color around the Talk button when the device is connected to a charger and powered on. 

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