1. Factory reset your Relay to get it back into its activation state
    (Once successful, we should hear the Relay ask to be activated once it's powered back on)

  2. Log back into your Relay app, if you haven't done so already

  3. Follow the activation prompts in your app, ensuring to connect the Relay to WiFi
    (If no WiFi network is available, please reach out to Relay Support; they'll need to reactivate the Relay's SIM card so it can reactivate over its cell network.)

Still have questions? Ask Support!

Need help with your Relay?
Chat with our support agents online or within your Relay app once you've created an account.

In the App, tap on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, sign in here using an internet browser.

  • Once signed in, a widget will appear with a friendly greeting. Here's where you can begin a conversation with us.

  • Our widget will also contain information such as 'System Status', Helpful Articles, and more!

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