To our Relay customers,

On June 17, 2020, we sent an email to Relay customers regarding an important product safety update. We are voluntarily replacing an earlier version of the Relay charging cable that does not possess independent overcurrent protection. We want to stress that this free replacement is out of an abundance of caution and that there have been no reported injuries.


Relay utilizes a custom magnetic charging cable that provides a convenient, durable and flexible charging solution. While a magnetic cable design is used in many consumer electronics and provides many benefits, it can stick to metal surfaces other than the surface it’s meant to charge. If the metal surface has the exact right conductivity properties, and if the magnetic cable attaches in the exact right way for an extended period of time, then small amounts of electricity (current) can flow, damaging the cable and melting the plastic.

The power adapter that ships with your Relay, which is UL certified and includes overcurrent protection, is designed to reduce this risk and Relay has had zero safety incidents when the charging cable is used with the Republic-supplied power adapter.

Potential issue

There have been two reports in which the Relay charging cable came into contact with a magnetic metal surface, resulting in melting of the outer plastic case in the immediate vicinity of the pins in the charger.

  1. The adapters used to charge the Relays were not the AC adapters that shipped with the product

  2. The conditions under which melting occurred were difficult to reproduce - even in a lab environment.

  3. The damage was limited to melted plastic immediately surrounding the charging pins

Even though the two reports we have received involves a set of circumstances that is uncommon and has only occurred with the use of 3rd party AC adapters, we designed a new Relay charging cable that includes an independent layer of protection. Our independent labs were unable to reproduce any melting with this new cable, and we are providing this new cable free of charge to all affected Relay customers.

What you need to do

Customers who are using a Relay that came packaged with a cable that does not include independent overcurrent protection will be receiving a new replacement charging cable, free of charge. We are only sending new cables to those whom, according to our records, require replacement. When you receive a new cable, we ask that you dispose of the old one in an environmentally responsible manner and use the new cable and the Relay adapter to charge your Relay.

  • If we do not contact you directly about receiving a new cable, and your cable has the Relay logo on the back of the charging head, no action is necessary as your cable already has independent overcurrent protection.

  • If your cable does not have the Relay logo on it and you have not heard from us directly, please contact us for your replacement.

We want to remind all Relay customers to use the cable and power adapter designed for Relay when charging their Relays. When charging your Relay product, the adapter should look like this:

And your Relay charging cable should have “RELAY” printed on the head, like this:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

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