Message transcription is ONLY available for iOS devices.

iOS users now have the ability to have Missed Messages from Direct Chats transcribed into text for easy viewing, allowing one to be informed of the content of Missed Messages without interrupting one's surroundings by playing the message out loud.

Enabling Messaging Transcription for Direct Chats

By default, messaging transcription is disabled in the Relay app. When disabled, a banner will appear in the Message View. To enable message transcription, simply:

Tap on the banner titled "Transcriptions are disabled" when in the Message View with an app or Relay

On the following screen, toggle the switch next to "Transcribe Speech to Text" to the right. A window will appear that will ask if you would like to grant permission for the feature. Tap "OK" to accept and agree to the conditions.

Message transcription relies on Apple's transcription service, which requires two settings on your iOS device to be enabled ("Siri" and "Dictation"). By default, these settings should be enabled, but if they are not, the Relay app will inform you how to enable them.

Once the transcription feature has been enabled, any Missed Messages that you currently have in a Direct Chat will be transcribed into text, with the ability to playback said messages for clarity if the need arises.

Note: Disabling the transcription setting will remove the transcribed text from the Direct Chat messages. Re-enabling "Transcribe Speech to Text" will transcribe the messages once again. Disabling the transcription setting will NOT affect your ability to playback Missed Messages.

Additional Notes

  • Both Account Owners and invited Admins/Users are able to make use of message transcription

  • Group Chats are not eligible for transcription as Group Chat Messages are not saved

  • All transcriptions are stored locally in the Relay app. Relay and Apple do NOT have access to transcribed messages

  • There is NO way for an individual (Owner, Admin, or User) to download the message files or text

  • Transcriptions are not perfect, be sure to play the audio message if the clarity is needed

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