Can you participate in a 1 on 1 chat?

Yes. For an app user and Relay to have a one on one conversation, both parties must be tuned to each other's individual chat (Direct Chat). For example, the Relay would need to be on the chat for a parent's phone (i.e Dad, Mom), and the parent's app would need to be on the chat for the child's Relay (i.e Bobby, Wazzy). An app user can forcibly switch the child's Relay to their personal chat remotely from the app for one to one communication - How to talk to different people.

Can I playback a message?

Yes. This ability only applies to messages sent via a Direct Chat. If an individual is contacted via their Direct Chat (1 to 1 chat) but is on a different channel or has the app closed, then the message will be saved as a Missed Message for the intended party to playback. Messages sent via Group Chats cannot be played back.

Missed Messages in the Relay app - Missed Messages on the Relay device

Does the Relay app have to be open in order to hear messages?

Yes and No.

For Group Chats, yes the Relay app needs to be open and on the group chat for one to hear the message played. If the Relay app is not open and the app user is the only other party that is a part of the Group Chat, then the Relay user will hear the message that "No one in your group is online".

If communicating via Direct Chats, no, the Relay app does not need to be opened to hear a message. The message will be saved as a recording for you to playback at your leisure if your app is not at the forefront.

Will I be notified if I miss a message?

Yes. If your app is closed or your phone is asleep, you should receive a notification every time your Relay sends you a message when using Direct Chats. For Group Chat messages you can set the app to notify you of every message that is sent or set it to where you're only notified via smart notifications - Relay App Notifications.

On the Relay device, the user will hear a doorbell like chime followed by the LED ring pulsating green every few seconds to notify them of a Missed Message. This will only apply to Direct Chats, if contacted on a Group Chat you will not be notified that you missed a message.

How do I ensure the Relay user receives my message?

The best way to ensure your message is delivered is to "Summon" the Relay to your chat first, which will ensure that your message is played live on the Relay as opposed to being left as a Missed Message.

This can also be done in a group chat by using the "Summon Away Members" to ensure that your message is heard by your Relays.

Can I delete received messages?

No. Missed Messages on the Relay app and Relay device cannot be manually deleted. The Relay device will retain the most recently received Missed Message until a new one is received or 7 days have passed without a Missed Message being received. In the Relay app, messages will be automatically deleted after 7 days. Once a message has been removed after 7 days, there is no way to retrieve it.

Can I download the messages I've received?

No. Messages received in the app or on the Relay itself cannot be downloaded

What is the Everyone Chat

The Everyone Chat is a group chat that encompasses all individuals associated with your Relay account. If one speaks on this channel it will automatically switch all Relay and app users to the chat and play the message or leave a notification if the app is closed for app users. This chat is the default Group Chat and cannot be removed.

Can one communicate with devices that are on a different account?

Yes. You can communicate with a Relay or app users on a different account via Group Chats. One would have to be invited to join a group chat on a different account or invite another account to join a Group Chat to begin communicating - How to Set up and Use Cross-Account Communication.

Can other individuals on the account listen to a conversation?

If using Direct Chats the messages can only be seen and heard by the two parties communicating. If communicating in a Group Chat, any individual that is a part of that group will be able to hear live messages if they are tuned into the Group Chat.

Can messages received in the app be transcribed into text?

Yes. You can enable the message transcription feature in the app to have your inbound Missed Messages transcribed into text for easy viewing. This feature is currently only available for iOS users and does not apply to Group Chats.

Why does my Relay state that "No one in your group is online"?

This occurs if a Relay user attempts to send a Group Chat message and none of the other parties in that group are currently tuned to the group to receive the message. This message will not occur under the same circumstances if one is using Direct Chats.

If this happens, you can use the Summon Away Members option to change the Relay's over to the group chat.

Can a Relay still function without the service if using WiFi?

No. One must pay a monthly fee in order for a Relay to function as messaging and other features of Relay still require the use of our backend systems to function.

Is there a time limit to how long a message can be?

Yes. From the time that you press the talk button, there is a 30 second time limit to send your message.

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