The Cross Account Communication Chat feature allows you, as an Owner, to invite another Account Owner and their associated Relays and Relay apps to join one of your Group Chats. 

Note: Users without Owner permissions are not able to set up cross account communication but can participate if the owner assigns them to the chat.)

Step 1: Create or use an existing Group Chat

To grant a Relay device or app user from another account the ability to communicate with an individual on your account, you would first need to have a Group Chat created to invite them to join. 

You can NOT invite an individual from another account to join the Everyone Group Chat, the Group Chat must be one that you manually created.

Steps to create a Group Chat:

  1. Open the Relay app

  2. Tap on Groups

  3. Tap on Add Group

  4. Enter a name for your chat

  5. Choose a color for your chat

  6. Choose the members from your account that you wish to join the group 

  7. Tap Create New Group

Step 2: Sending a Group Chat Invitation

Once you as an owner have manually created a Group Chat, you can now invite others to join it. The other account owner will receive a link that will allow them to join the Group Chat and assign individuals on their account to that chat.

The invite must be sent to the Owner of the other account. Users on an account cannot accept an invite to a Group Chat as only an individual with Owner permissions is allowed to accept a Group Chat invite and assign individuals to that chat.

Steps to send a Group Chat Invite:

  1. In the Relay app, tap on Groups

  2. Select the Group Chat you wish to allow others to join

  3. Select "Invite accounts to this chat"

  4. A menu will appear with all the available options for you to share the link

Step 3: Accepting a Group Chat Invitation

Once an account has sent an invite to another account owner, the invitee would have to click on the link they received via whichever method the inviter sent it.

Steps for accepting a Group Chat invite:

  1. Ensure the Relay app is not open or running in the background

  2. Click on the link you received to open the Relay app and accept the invite

  3. Select "Accept Invite" and check the box next to the Relay(s) or Relay app profile(s) that you wish to have join the Group Chat from your account

  4. Select "Save Members"

The Group Chat will now appear under the invited account owner's Group Chats in the app, and they'll be able to remove or add anyone associated with their account from the Group Chat.

Key things to remember:

  • Group Chats are unable to playback or leave Missed Messages

  • If no one assigned to the Group Chat is on that chat when an individual speaks,they'll hear the message "No one in your group is online" to indicate that no one else is actively on that channel (app users will be notified of the attempted message)

  • You can only grant one other account the ability to join a specific Group Chat

  • The invitee can grant anyone associated with their account access to the Group Chat. The individual who sent the invite will have no control over who the invitee adds to the chat from their account.

To learn how to temporarily create a one-off chat between Relays click here.

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