Currently, Relay is only configured to work within the United States via the cell service or WiFi. If a Relay was taken to Canada or any other international locale, the Relay would not operate over the cellular network as the SIM card within the Relay is only configured for U.S. based cell carriers. A Relay does have the ability to operate in Puerto Rico due to the presence of U.S., based carriers in that locale.

Though a Relay can connect to WiFi networks while abroad, it would require a cellular signal to connect to the network initially which is not possible due to the lack of U.S. carriers abroad.

If one truly wishes to use a Relay abroad, it would require them to purchase a data SIM card from the foreign locale and place it in the Relay. However, one should be mindful of the following:

  • You must have a U.S. based billing address to activate a Relay (i.e. the billing address for the credit card you are using for service must be based in the U.S.)

  • We cannot guarantee service abroad or provide technical support if issues arise as we do not have partnerships with any foreign carriers. Relay support would have no way to troubleshoot cellular or WiFi connectivity related issues, as they have no insight into foreign carriers or WiFi networks.

  • It would still require that you pay the $9.99 service fee for the Relay along with the cost of the SIM from the foreign provider. The service fee for Relay can NOT be waived as it is required for the service to work regardless of whether a customer is using a Relay SIM card or not.

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