Want to join an existing Relay account?
To do so you'll first need an account owner to send you an invite to join their account.

Depending on the permission level that the account owner granted you when sending out the invite, you will either have; the same access and capabilites as the account owner in the form of an Account Admin or have limited access as an Account User

With either permission level, you will still have the same ability to communicate with those on the account. Let's get you started with communicating with your Relay family. See Roles within the Relay App for more details.

Note: Those invited as Account Users are relegated to communication and viewing location information. Users do not have the ability to manage or edit settings for the Relay or the account.


  1. After being invited to join a Relay account you'll receive an email informing you that you have been invited to join an account.

2. After clicking the link, you'll be taken to a Republic Wireless (our parent company)         webpage where you would need to enter your email address that was displayed in     the invite and click CONTINUE

3. A password reset email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link to               proceed with resetting the password for your profile on the account. You'll be taken     to another Republic Wireless webpage to input and verify your new password.

4. Once your password has been reset, you are now able to log in to the Relay app           with your own email address and your new password as a User on the account.

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