Having a full understanding of the differences in permissions for an Account Owner, Admin, and User will allow all parties to make proper use of the Relay app and avoid potential confusion.

Key Notes to Remember:

  • All aspects of communication will remain the same whether you're an Owner, Admin, or User

  • The permissions/access for Users cannot be upgraded to match that of the account Owner/Admin nor downgraded to prevent access to Location data

  • If you wish to grant an Account User with Account Admin access, you would have to remove the user from your account and then reinvite them as an Account Admin. The same situation applies if you wish to downgrade the permissions for an Account Admin, you would have to remove their profile and reinvite them as an Account User.

  • Account Admins will not be able to edit/delete the profile of the Account Owner

List of Permissions

Owner/Amin Permissions

The Owner and Admins of the account will have access to the full suite of features available in the Relay app. They will have the ability to edit and manage Group Chats, Relay device settings, Interactive Channels, Geofences, other profiles on the account, along with activating Relays (Owners only) and inviting new Admins and Users.

Any app profile that was previously created by logging in with the account owner's credentials will retain the same permissions as the account owner. If an app profile was created by sending an invite to an individual, then they will be relegated to the permissions of a User.

*Note: As of 12/16/19 the ability to create a NEW app profile via sharing one's account credentials is no longer an option; one must send an invite to add a new Admin or User to their account.

User Permissions

Users or individuals who were sent an invite to join an account will have a more limited feature set in the app. Users are unable to manage or adjust anything other than their own app profile; however, they can still view location tracking and geofence information.

*Note: Users cannot authorize any transactions with support and will NOT be privy to any account-related information outside of the information that they can see in their app.

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