- STEP 1 -

Let’s first understand what Direct Chats and Group Chats are.

Direct Chat: Direct Chat refers to one-on-one communication with another Relay or an App user.

Group Chat: Group Chat allows you to set up certain groups of people to talk to at once or you can chat with Everyone (default) on the account.

- STEP 2 -

To send a Direct Chat from the Relay app to your child’s Relay, click on the Relay icon under Direct Chats. You will land on the Relay’s detail screen where you can also check messages, change settings, enable Do Not Disturb, and more, for that specific Relay.

The microphone button at the bottom of the screen is where you will send a message to the Relay (in this case, Emily’s Relay). Hold it down, speak, and release when you’re finished talking. Emily’s Relay will now vibrate and show a flashing green light. This indicates that she has a missed message. In order for her message to have played out loud in real-time, Emily needs to be on your Direct Chat channel. A brand new Relay is on the Everyone channel by default.

Note: To enable Transcriptions (speech-to-text) for Direct Chat, click here.

- STEP 3 -

To check the missed message on Emily’s Relay, press the power button on the side of the Relay. It will play out loud.

Now if she wants to respond to your message, she will need to make sure she’s on your Direct Chat channel. Since she is currently on the Everyone Chat channel, she will need to switch to your Direct Chat channel in order to send a direct message to you (vs. to Everyone on the account).

- STEP 4 -

To switch Emily’s Relay to your Direct Chat channel, hold down the volume button on the Relay, say the exact name of your Direct Chat channel (this is what you named your app during activation - most likely "mom" or "dad"), and release. This will switch Emily’s Relay to your Direct Chat channel and now both of you will be able to talk to each in other in real-time if you have the app open.

If you don’t have the app open, you will receive a notification like a text message that a Relay is trying to get in touch with you. You will then need to open the app. Once you do, you will see a pink dot at the top of Emily's Relay icon, indicating you have a missed message from her. To listen to the missed message, tap on her icon, and hit play.

- STEP 5 -

If you want to be able to get in touch with Emily immediately vs leaving a message (in case her Relay is not on your Direct Chat channel), you can “Summon” her Relay, which means changing the Channel that she’s currently on to your Direct Chat channel remotely through the app. As you can see in the image on the left, she is currently on Jason's Direct Chat channel. To switch her Relay to your Direct Chat channel, tap on "Summon" (shown below). As you can see in the image on the right, it is now showing that she is on your Direct Chat channel.

- STEP 6 -

If you have more than one child with a Relay and want to be able to talk to both of them at the same time, but not to Everyone on the account (if other Relay app users have joined), you will need to create a Group Chat. To do that, click on the '+' under Group Chats. 

A new screen will appear. Give the Group Chat a name (remember, this is the name you’ll say when switching channels, so make it simple and easy to remember). In this case, we will call it “Kids.” Select the 2 Relays and the name of your “Virtual” Relay, which is the name you gave your app during activation (in this case, "Mom"), so that you will also be included in the Group Chat. Then click on Create New Group at the bottom. Now you will see the “Kids” Group Chat appear under the Group Chats. 

To add or remove members from the Group Chat or cancel it altogether, just click on the “Kids” Group Chat icon to go to that screen.

Congrats! You have sent your first message!

Here's a short video you can watch with your kids to help them learn, too!

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