It’s always great to know that your child can reach you should they ever be in an emergency situation with the Relay SOS feature, but what if certain situations require the assistance of emergency services? For added peace of mind when you’re away from your child, we’ve improved the Relay SOS feature by integrating 911 emergency services which you can learn more about below!

What roles does 911 play in a Relay SOS?

If a child initiates a Relay SOS, it allows for a parent or other app users on the account to be connected to a 911 operator if they deem it necessary after assessing the child's emergency. This integration allows for emergency operators to have access to vital information about the Relay user they otherwise wouldn't have access to by a parent simply calling 911, such as:

  • The last known location of the Relay user when they initiated the SOS to better direct emergency personnel.

  • The parent's 911 call will be directed to the 911 call center closest to the child's Relay location, ensuring that emergency responders are able to effectively respond to the situation.

To enable SOS and 911 Escalations, please see How to Enable SOS and 911 Escalations

How to send an SOS alert?

  1. Quickly press the Talk button 5 times (the Relay will announce “Hold the Talk button to send an SOS”)

  2. Hold the Talk button down (the Relay will announce “Creating SOS. Now on Everyone. SOS active”)

Note: When the SOS feature has been activated, the Relay will pulse a red LED ring around the Talk button.

Once the SOS Alert has been sent, the Relay app users will receive a custom notification sound just for the SOS alert, and an email will be sent to the account owner's email address.

Note: On Android devices running an operating system of 7.0 Nougat or below, the SOS tone will be a standard notification tone. On operating systems of 8.0 Oreo or higher, the SOS alert sound will be an alarm/alert tone.

How to address an SOS Alert

Once an SOS is received there are 3 different options one can choose from after assessing the emergency of the Relay user and addressing their concern.

Option 1: Resolve

Selecting Resolve will end a Relay SOS alert for all app users and should be implemented once an app user has been able to assess the needs of the Relay user.

Option 2: Locate

This option will bring up the map in the Relay app and provide you with minute-by-minute updates on the Relay's location while allowing you to continue to communicate with the Relay user. This option is ideal for situations where one wishes to check the location of the Relay once a Relay SOS has been triggered before escalating to 911.

This option is also useful for situations where a Relay SOS has already been escalated by another app user. Others on the account will still be able to track the Relay and stay in communication during the emergency.

Option 3: Call 911

This option should be used in situations where the Relay user is in need of emergency assistance due to being in imminent danger, medical emergencies, or other potential situations that would require the help of emergency personnel.

Upon selecting this option, a pop-up will appear to confirm that you wish to connect to 911. Once an app user escalates a Relay SOS to 911, other app users on the account will no longer see the option to escalate during the course of the SOS alert but will still be able to stay in communication with the Relay user.

Please note that the app user who escalates a Relay SOS alert to 911 will lose communication with the Relay while the 911 call is ongoing, as a phone's microphone can not be utilized by other apps during a phone call.

Once you escalate the alert to 911, before the call will connect to an operator an automated voice will ask you to confirm the call by pressing one on the dialer. If you do not press 1 when prompted by the automated voice, the call will not be made.

Example: Dad escalates a Relay SOS to 911 losing communication with the child but is put in touch with a 911 operator who can see the location of the Relay and pre-filled out information on the child. Mom and Grandma can continue communicating with the child while emergency responders are deployed to the child's location.

Additional Notes

  • If an SOS is escalated to 911, the app user who initiates the 911 call will lose communication with the Relay device

  • The ability to review the Relay's location will not be applicable for all 911 call centers

  • The location provided to the 911 operator will be the Relay's last pinged location when the Relay SOS Alert was first initiated. Operators will NOT receive live updates of the Relay's location, however, app users will be able to see minute-by-minute updates on the Relay's location in the app.

  • If the Relay app fails to make the call to 911 you will still have the ability to call 911 via normal means on your phone. If calling 911 via normal means on your phone then operators will not have access to the information you provided by the Relay app (location and other data provided during the setup process)

  • Each app user can set up their own 911 profile

  • SOS alerts can only be resolved from within the Relay App

  • Location has to be enabled on the Relay for the Relay SOS feature to work; if Location is disabled, the SOS feature will become disabled as well

  • Once a Relay device initiates an SOS it will be “locked” to the “Everyone” channel and sends location updates every 60 seconds, it will not be able to change channels until the SOS alert is resolved.

  • Initiating SOS will override Do Not Disturb mode

  • A high-priority notification will be sent to all Relay apps on the account regardless of the permission level for the user.

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