Want your kid to be able to get in touch with Grandma and Grandpa?
How about Uncle Jim and Aunt Tracy?

As an Account Owner or Admin, you can add multiple app users to your account.

Note: Account Users are relegated to communication and viewing location information. Users do not have the ability to manage or edit settings for the Relay or the account. See Roles within the Relay App for more details.



  1. On the Relay app's home screen, tap on Devices

  2. On the top of the next page, tap on Invite User

  3. On the following screen, you'll have the option to set the permission level for the individual you are inviting to your account
    Account User: Allows the individual access to only communication and location tracking on the account. They will be unable to change or manage any aspect of the Relay or the account other than their own profile.
    Account Admin: Grants the individual with the same access and controls as the Account Owner, minus the ability to cancel the account or edit billing information.

  4. Once you've filled in the required fields and tapped Invite User, you'll receive a confirmation banner near the bottom of the form
    (Your Devices list will now show the added Admin or user.)

  5. Once an invite has been sent to an individual, they'll need to follow the steps for accepting the invite

If you'd like for your kids to be able to get a hold of 2 or more app users at the same time (eg. "Grandma" and Grandpa") without contacting everyone on the account (Everyone Group Chat), you will need to create a Group Chat.


This ability is accessible to Account Owners and Admins only.


  1. Open the Relay App to begin!

  2. Tap on Devices

  3. Tap on the App Admin/User you need to remove

  4. Under Direct Chats, tap on the Virtual Relay you would like to remove

  5. Tap on Delete User

  6. Their login will be deleted and they will no longer be able to communicate with the Relay unless they are re-invited

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