Release Notes

App Version: v1.19

Release Date: 11/7/2019


  • Android

  • iOS

What's New

  • In-app controls are now available! We put the power in your hands to be able to control your Relay from the app. You are able to summon, ring, or enable Do Not Disturb from the Direct Chat. 

  • Summon feature allows you to remotely place your Relay in the chat or channel of your choosing. This helps ensure that you're able to communicate with your Relay in real-time. 

  • Ring My Relay gives you the ability to "ring" a Relay on your account causing it to play an audible tone, vibrate, and flash the LED ring. This allows you to grab the attention of the Relay user. This also helps if they have misplaced it somewhere in their room.

  • Do Not Disturb mode helps eliminate distractions from Relay. When Do Not Disturb is enabled, Relay will not be able to send, receive, or play messages. It will also be unable to change channels or play any audile tones. This is great for when kids are at school

  • Background Audio is removed, so you will not be able to hear messages that come through 60 seconds after you close the app anymore. You will just receive the app notification. 

Additional Notes: 

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