Ensuring that you and your Relay are both on the same chat channel is key to live communication between you and your Relay. The Summon feature now allows you to have more control over your Relay than ever before, so you can now be sure that you can communicate with your Relay when needed.

What does it do?

The summon feature grants you the ability to remotely place a Relay on your Direct Chat or any Group Chat or Channel that you have enabled for that device straight from your app.

Where is it?

The Summon feature for your specific Direct Chat chat can be found on the Message View of each Direct Chat.


  1. Open your Relay app

  2. Tap on, or swipe up on, Communications

  3. Tap on the Message icon to the right of the desired Relay or Relay app

  4. Tap on Summon on the next page

The Summon feature, or icon, for Group Chats is listed to the right of each Group Chat name in your Communications list.

How does it work?

As one might surmise, this feature will pull a Relay or app user into your Direct Chat or another Group Chat/Channel of your choosing regardless of whatever chat or channel they're currently on.

  • If your Relay is offline, the option to "Summon" the Relay will not be available

  • Selecting the "Summon" tab in the Message view will cause the "Summon" tab to display that it is "On Channel" meaning it is on your Direct Chat

Why should you use It?

This feature is great if you happen to have a hard time having a live one-on-one conversation with your Relay, by negating the potential pitfalls of your child or Relay user not knowing how to change the channel on the Relay in order to communicate with you.

You no longer have to worry about your messages being saved as Missed Messages, you can now have confidence that your messages are being played out loud for the Relay user to hear immediately.

Learn about a few other in-app controls for your Relay by viewing: Relay In-App Controls.

Additional Notes

  • You can only Summon a Relay to a Group Chat or Channel that you have given it access to

  • You can still Summon a Relay while it's in Do Not Disturb mode

  • You can NOT Summon a Relay onto someone else's Direct Chat

  • You can NOT Summon a Relay when an SOS is activated

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