Wondering what the buttons and lights mean on your Relay?

Let's take a look!

1. Talk button

  • Press and hold to talk

  • Press five times to activate an SOS alert

2. Power button

  • Press and hold to power on/off the device

  • Quick press to cycle through the chats and enabled channels on the device

  • Press once to play any missed messages

3. Volume/Assistant button

  • Quick press to increase the volume - the LED light will show the current volume level in a circular pattern

  • Press and hold to use Relay Assistant

The color or the LED ring tells you information about your Relay.

  • Activating: Circling rainbow light

  • Volume: White light shows the current volume level when using the volume button

  • Talking: Solid white light

  • Missed messages: Flashing green light

  • Battery life: Quickly press the talk button to see the battery level represented by how full the LED ring lights up

  • Battery life less than 20%: Flashing red light

  • Charging: Solid whitish-blue (powered on) or solid red light (powered off)

Chats & Channels

Direct Chats

  • These one-on-one chats are automatically set up for everyone on your account

  • Whether you use a Relay device or the app, you’ll be able to talk to all other Relays and apps on your account via Direct Chats

  • If both users are in the same Direct Chat, messages will be played aloud in real-time

  • If both users are not active on the same Direct Chat when a message is sent, the message will be saved as a Missed Message

  • You can leave Missed Messages for any Direct Chat, whether you are using a Relay device or the smartphone app

Group Chats

  • Chats that include multiple users (can include those on any account)

  • Everyone group chat includes every user on your account (Relay devices and Relay apps)

  • Everyone group chat is the only chat that will “force switch” each user on the account onto that group chat when used - this ensures real-time communication


  • Fun features that can be enabled for your Relay device within the Relay app

  • If you have multiple Relay devices, you can enable different sets of channels on each device for a custom experience

  • Click here to learn more about Chats and Channels

Features (safety)

GPS location tracking

  • See current and past location information for each Relay device


  • Receive alerts when someone on your account enters or leaves designated locations

SOS emergency feature

  • Relay is able to send an emergency alert to the Relay app by pressing the talk button five times and following the on-device instructions

Press and hold the volume button to use voice commands to help navigate your Relay device.

Example Commands

  • “John” to take you to the Direct Chat with John

  • “Everyone” to take you to the Everyone Group Chat

  • “Translate” to take you to the enabled Translate channel

  • “Weather” to hear the forecast for your location

**You can use this feature in place of pressing the power button to manually cycle through your chats and enabled channels.**

Click here to learn more about Relay assistant and voice commands.

Chats & Channels

  • Communicate with other Relays on the account

  • See location information for each Relay device on the account

  • Manage the Relay device settings

  • Check the battery level of Relay devices

  • Check and update software for Relay devices on the account

  • Click here to learn more about the Relay app

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