What is it?

"Do Not Disturb" mode grants the ability for both Relay device users and Account Owners and Admins to put the Relay in a state where unwanted audio cues, messages, and accidental button presses will no longer be a concern.

This capability is only accessible to Owners/Admins on an account. Account Users will not have access to this function.

Steps in the Relay app

  1. Open the Relay app

  2. Tap on Devices

  3. Select the desired Relay device

  4. Tap on the Toggle to the right of "Do Not Disturb is disabled" to enable the feature

  5. To disable the feature, simply tap on the same toggle again
    (We'll see "Do Not Disturb is off" when the feature is disabled and "Do Not Disturb is on" when it's enabled.)

Steps from the Relay device

A Relay device user can also engage and disengage Do Not Disturb mode on their own, independent of the app.

To enter or exit Do Not Disturb mode, the Relay user would need to press both the Power and Volume buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds. Immediately afterward, the LED ring will flash red when turning Do Not Disturb on and flash white when turning Do Not Disturb off, and a voice prompt will indicate that the Relay has turned on or turned off Do Not Disturb mode.

Additional Notes

  • The Relay user can still enter or exit Do Not Disturb mode even if the Relay is Offline

  • App users are unable to remotely switch the Relay in and out of Do Not Disturb mode if it is offline

  • Location tracking and Geofence notifications are still available to the app user as long as the Relay is Online

  • All normal button presses on the Relay will be unresponsive, messages cannot be sent from the Relay, and messages will not play out loud on the Relay with this feature enabled

  • Direct Chats sent to the Relay will be saved as Missed Messages (flashing green LED) and can be accessed once the Relay exits Do Not Disturb mode

  • Contacting the Relay from Group Chats (i.e. Everyone Group Chat) will result in the message not being received or saved as Missed Message.

  • SOS can still be initiated from the Relay while Do Not Disturb is enabled

  • More about the Relay in-app controls can be found here

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