To begin using Alexa to interact with your Relay, you'll want to first enable the "My Relay" skill in the Alexa app. 

Once enabled, there are two ways to use the "My Relay" skill (this skill only applies to Alexa devices, Relays cannot access Alexa skills):

  • The first option is by saying "Alexa, tell My Relay to..." followed by a command


  • Saying, "Alexa, open My Relay" followed by a command 

There are currently 3 actions you can initiate with the "My Relay" skill using the following commands.

  • "Find my Relay" - this command will light up, ring, and vibrate the Relay to help you locate it if it's lost or help you garner the attention of the Relay user 

  • "Locate (Relay name)" - saying this command will provide you with the street address for the last known location of your Relay

  • "Broadcast (message you'd like to broadcast)" - this command will broadcast your message out to all your Relays (this does not the include app users) regardless of the chat or channel they're currently on. However, the Relay user will not be able to respond back through Alexa.

Additional Notes

  • The "My Relay" skill is only available on Amazon Alexa devices or mobile devices integrated with Alexa.

  • The Relay does NOT have access to Amazon Alexa

  • If a Relay responds to a "Broadcast" command it will come through on your phone or Relay, not through the Alexa device.

  • When sending a message through the "Broadcast" command, the voice that will come through on the Relay device will be that of Alexa's.

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