Geofencing allows an Account Owner or Admin (not Account Users) to set up notifications, so that when a device enters (or exits) a certain location an alert is then initiated. Account Owners and Admins have the ability to create geofences anywhere from 50 meters to 200 meters!


  1. Open the Relay app

  2. Tap on Settings

  3. Under the location subheading, tap on Geofences

  4. Tap on Add a new Geofence
    (Note: The first time this is done, you'll be able to review and accept our Location History Notice to continue.)

  5. On the following screen, you can either search for an address to place the geofence or maneuver the map to position the location pin over the desired location for the geofence

  6. Select the Radius range (50 to 200 meters)

  7. Tap on Save new Geofence

  8. Type in a name for the Geofence

  9. Tap Save when you're finished
    (Note: The Geofence you create will be also be created for all Relays listed on the account, and only Account Owners and Admins can create or edit Geofences.)

Viewing Geofence History

This allows you to see the history of when a Relay entered and exited geofenced locations.


  1. On the Relay app's home screen, tap on Location

  2. Select a Relay from All devices or by searching the Relay's name

  3. On the menu that appears, tap on the tab titled Geofence History to view the time and date when your Relay entered/exited specific Geofenced areas
    (Note: Account Owners and Admins have the option to adjust the location update frequency to every 5 minutes by toggling the slider to the right. Click here for more info.)

Adjusting the Frequency of Updates

By default, the Relay will check its location every 10 minutes to verify whether or not it has entered or exited a Geofenced area. This 10-minute interval can at times result in the Relay not reporting that it has entered or exited an area due to it already having left that area before the device could check its location.

Account Owners and Admins have the ability to adjust the frequency of which a Relay checks its location from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes, thus allowing you to receive more consistent Geofence alerts.

Warning: Increasing the frequency in which the Relay checks its location will affect battery life.

Additional Notes:

  • By default, 100 meters is automatically selected for the Geofence radius

  • Notifications will be sent to all Relay Apps connected to the account

  • Once a Relay enters a Geofenced area, the map will not show exactly where in the boundary the Relay is located

  • The pin will always be in the center of the radius circle.

  • There can be up to a 10-minute delay from when the Relay enters (or exits) the boundary to when an app user will receive a notification

  • To remove a geofence, follow the steps for adding a Geofence, select the existing Geofence area, and then tap on the magenta icon with a trash can

  • If you create a radius that overlaps another geofence, it will fail to create geofence and ask for you to try again

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