Release Notes

App Version: v1.14

Release Date: 5/15/2019


  • Android

  • iOS

What's New

  • We figured it was time for a refresh, so the Relay app got a makeover!  With the new app interface, it makes communication easier and navigating the app simple. 

  • One of the most requested features has been an emergency feature, well here it is - Relay SOS.  This new safety feature allows any Relay device to send an SOS notification to the app users that there is an emergency.  The app will receive constant location updates and be locked into the “Everyone” chat to easily communicate until the situation is resolved from within the app.

  • Direct Chat - This is a feature that we are excited about because it is going to make one-on-one communication easier.  Your app is now divided up into Direct Chats (one-on-one) and Group Chats (self-explanatory) for communication.  Just click on the Direct Chat that you want to speak to and chat away.  We would recommend changing your Relay names to the name of the actual person who uses that Relay, so it’s easy to tell who you are talking to -- Goodbye “Humble Unicorn”, hello “Ted.”

  • Missed Messages - If someone talks in a Direct Chat and the other person isn't currently in that chat, then that message will be saved as a "Missed Message."  You will be able to check messages on both the Relay device and the Relay app

  • New Onboarding - With all of the changes and updates to the app, there will be some additional onboarding pages to help new and existing users learn the new app.

  • Quick Tip: We have a new assistant on the Relay device that helps switching to different chats and channels easily.  Press and hold the volume button, then say the name of the Direct Chat or Channel that you wish to switch, then release the button.  Your Relay will automatically change to that chat or channel.  Also, if you say "Weather" you will get today's weather update for your location.  Enjoy! 

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