New Feature Alert: 

(Ensure your device is on the latest version
by checking for any updates via the Relay App)

Missed Message Playback allows you to playback any missed messages from both your Relay and Relay app. Looking for instructions on how to play those missed messages on your Relay App? Check out this article here

How does it work?

  • Relay will play a ding-dong sound indicating there was a missed message received on the Relay
  • Relay will also pulse a green LED ring around the center talk button to indicate there is a message to listen to! 
  • To play the missed message, press the power button once, and the messages will instantly play
  • When the message is playing, the LED ring color will turn to blue 

Additional Notes: 

  • For multiple messages received at once, the messages will play in the order first received to last. 

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