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Missed Messages allow you to playback any messages that you missed from both your Relay and Relay app. Looking for instructions on how to play those missed messages on your Relay device? Check out this article here.

Three ways to identify that you received a Missed Message:

  1. Banner notifications

  2. Badge Icon on the listed Relay Device under Communications

  3. The Relay Device will show how many queued-up missed messages there are, with a play button!

Steps to playing Missed Messages:

  1. Open your Relay app

  2. Tap on, or swipe up on, Communications

  3. Tap on the Message icon to the right of the desired Relay or Relay app

  4. Tap on the Play Button to listen to the Missed Messages!

Stored Messages:

Once the message(s) have been played, they are then stored and able to be listened to again for a maximum of 7 days. After the 7 days, they will be automatically deleted. There will also be a timestamp of when the message was last received, the length of the message, and a play button.

Message Transcription:

Though currently only for iOS users, you can enable Message Transcription in the app to have the audio messages transcribed into text for easy viewing if you prefer not to play the message out loud.

Not applicable for Group Chats

Additional Notes:

  • If there are Missed Messages present, you will not be able to send a new message until those Missed Messages are either marked as read or played

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