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Direct Chat: Automatically provides a one-on-one communication experience with member(s) of your account right within the Relay app.  These chats are automatically set up between each Relay device and each App user. 

Steps for Sending a Message: 

In the Screenshot below, we first tap on the Relay icon "Bobby" Under the Direct Chats list.

After we tap on "Bobby"  it will populate the chat to the microphone bar. You will notice that it states Bobby to the left of the Talk Button (microphone icon).  

Press and holding the Talk Button (microphone icon) will record your message. Releasing the button sends the message. 

Steps for Receiving a Message:

Using the same screenshot, once you have tapped on the Direct chat you want to message with and the app is open (in this case "Bobby"), you will receive any messages sent from "Bobby" to your Direct Chat and hear them in real-time. 

If the app is not open or you are on another direct chat, you will receive a missed message notification and the message will be stored for you to listen to at a later time. 

For more information on how to use the Missed Message in the relay app feature, click here

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