What are they?

Direct Chats automatically provide a one-on-one communication experience with member(s) of your account right within the Relay app. These chats are automatically set up between each Relay device and each App user as they are added to your account.

Sending a Message

  1. Open your Relay app

  2. Tap on, or swipe up on, Communications

  3. Tap on the Relay or Relay app with which you'd like to directly chat
    (The microphone icon should then show you the name of the Relay or Relay app with which you'll then speak.)

  4. Press and hold the Microphone icon/button to record your message

  5. Release the button to then send your message

Receiving a Message

To receive a message from the Relay we've selected in the previous screenshot, we simply need to keep the Relay app open. Regardless of what page in the app is being viewed, you should automatically hear a message sent from the Relay user in real-time.

If the app is not open or you are on another chat, you will receive their message via the Direct Chat as a Missed Message. Think of this as your voicemail for the Relay as it stores the missed message (hence the name) for playback at a later date.

For more information on how to use the Missed Message in the relay app feature, click here.

Additional Notes

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