Sending an SOS Alert

  1. Enable SOS on your Relay

  2. On your Relay, quickly press the Talk button 5 times
    (The Relay will announce “Hold the Talk button to send an SOS”)

  3. Hold the Talk button down
    (The Relay will announce “Creating SOS. Now on Relay. SOS active”)

Resolving an SOS Alert

Once the SOS Alert has been sent, all the Relay apps on the account will receive a notification with a custom notification sound just for the SOS alert, and an Email will be sent to the Account Owner's email address.

When the SOS Alert is resolved, the Relay apps will receive a notification confirming the resolution and an Email will be sent to the account owner's email address stating the same. SOS alerts may only be resolved from within the Relay App.

Additional Notes

  • SOS does work even if the Relay is currently in Do Not Disturb Mode

  • When the SOS feature has been activated, the Relay will pulse a red LED ring around the Talk button

  • After sending the SOS alert, the Relay will switch to the Everyone chat channel and stay there for instant communication; it will not be able to change channels until the SOS alert is resolved

  • You can open the Relay app and see an orange banner at the bottom for the SOS alert, allowing you to tap on the location icon and see the Relay’s current location, an option to resolve, as well as the ability to escalate the alert to 911 where you will be put in touch with a 911 operator

  • On Android devices running an operating system of 7.0 Nougat or below, the SOS tone will be a standard notification tone. On operating systems of 8.0 Oreo or higher, the SOS alert sound will be an alarm/alert tone

  • Learn more about Relay SOS and 911 escalations

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