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It’s always great to know that your child can reach you should they ever be in an emergency situation. For added peace of mind when you’re away from your child, we’ve created an SOS feature which you can enable with the steps below!


  1. Open the Relay app
  2. Tap on the Relay under Direct Chats
  3. Tap on the Settings tab 
  4. Tap on the toggle to the right of Relay SOS
    (The toggle will be Green when enabled)
  5. Tap on Enable in the pop-up that appears

Additional Notes:

  • Location has to be enabled on the Relay for the Relay SOS feature to work; if location is disabled, the SOS feature will become disabled as well. 
  • Relay SOS enables Relay devices to urgently get in touch with parents or caregivers.
  • Initiating SOS will override Do Not Disturb mode
  • Once enabled, rapidly click the Talk button 5 times, then hold for 1 second to confirm. 
  • A high priority notification will be sent to all Relay apps on the account. 
  • The SOS-sending Relay device is “locked” to the “Everyone” channel and sends location updates every 60 seconds. 
  • When everyone is safe, “Resolve” the SOS from the Relay app.

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