(Ensure you're an Owner or Admin on the account, as Account Users will not have the ability to enable this feature)

Enable SOS for a Relay


  1. Open your Relay app

  2. Tap on Devices

  3. Select the desired Relay device

  4. Tap on the toggle to the right of Relay SOS

Enable 911 Escalations

Step 1

Tap on "OK" on the banner at the top of the screen. If the banner is not present, please select Settings and then select Relay SOS Callback Number.

Step 2

Next, you'll be taken to the Relay SOS Overview screen where you'll see a synopsis of the Relay SOS setup process. You can also manually navigate to this page by selecting Settings and then Relay SOS Callback Number. After scrolling through the numbered bullets you'll be asked to accept the SOS terms and conditions.

Step 3

After agreeing to the SOS terms and conditions, you'll be prompted to provide your name, phone number, and default address. This information will be provided to operators upon escalating an SOS alert to 911. The address will be used as the device location if the device's location cannot be reported to 911.

Step 4

After selecting Next, you'll be prompted to create a Relay SOS contact. This is the contact that will be displayed as a call on your phone when you escalate an SOS to 911. It is important that you name this contact appropriately so that you know when you're connected to 911. Do NOT change the phone number that is automatically displayed in the contact field.

Step 5

After adjusting the notifications for Relay SOS and tapping Next, you'll be asked to initiate a test call to your phone to verify the number you provided. Once you've initiated the automated call, you'll be asked to verify whether or not you received it. If you select "Yes" and received the call, you'll be asked to save the contact information. If you did not receive the call and select "NO" you will be prompted to go back to the previous page to verify the information you provided is correct.

Step 6

Once the Relay SOS contact has been saved to your phone, you'll be asked to enable the Relay SOS feature on your Relay device(s). Simply toggle the switch to the left to enable the feature for the desired Relays. A green checkmark will appear next to the selected Relay(s) on the screen.

Step 7

At this juncture, the Relay SOS with 911 escalation has been set up. You'll have the opportunity to simulate initiating an SOS on the interactive screen.

After tapping the interactive Relay on the screen 5 times or pressing skip, you'll be brought to a quick module that will highlight some of the items you will see in your app when an SOS is initiated by a Relay.

To learn more about Relay SOS Alerts with 911 escalations, please click here.

Additional Notes:

  • If an SOS is escalated to 911, the app user who initiates the 911 call will lose communication with the Relay device for the duration of the 911 call

  • The ability to review the Relay's location will not be applicable for all 911 call centers

  • The location provided to the 911 operator will be the Relay's last pinged location when the Relay SOS Alert was first initiated

  • Operators will NOT receive live updates of the Relay's location, however, app users will be able to see minute-by-minute updates on the Relay's location in the app if they're viewing the Relay's Location History List

  • If the Relay app fails to make the call to 911, you will still have the ability to call 911 via normal means on your phone; if calling 911 via normal means on your phone, the operators will not have access to the information you provided by the Relay app (location and other data provided during the setup process)

  • Each app user can set up their own 911 profile

  • SOS alerts can only be resolved from within the Relay App

  • Location has to be enabled on the Relay for the Relay SOS feature to work; if Location is disabled, the SOS feature will become disabled as well

  • Once a Relay device initiates an SOS it will be “locked” to the “Everyone” channel and sends location updates every 60 seconds, it will not be able to change channels until the SOS alert is resolved

  • Initiating SOS will override Do Not Disturb mode

  • A high-priority notification will be sent to all Relay apps on the account regardless of the permission level for the user

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