Release Notes

App Version: v1.12.74

Release Date: 2/14/19 (iOS version will take a few days to roll out)


  • Android

  • iOS

What’s New: 

  • WiFi First Activation - The activation flow is changing to be WiFi first vs. the cellular activation approach.  Cellular activation is still available, but we wanted to provide a more consistent activation experience for customers which can vary depending on cell strength and coverage.  Besides, cellular activation is so last year! 

  • Privacy notes for chat invites and location


  • Channel Limit - We are increasing the channel limit to 25 channels per device.  If I were a betting person I would guess some exciting stuff is on the horizon! 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Background Audio Fixes - There was a small issue with background audio with the Relay app when other apps were needing mic access at the same time, it’s fixed now! 

Additional Notes: 

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