General Relay Device Questions: 

Q: How long does the battery last for the Relay device?
A: Depending on usage, it can last up to two days. 

FYI: If you are seeing less than 24 hours worth of battery life with little to no usage, please reach out to Relay support within the Relay App. We'd like to check coverage in your area, as this could cause the battery to drain. 

Q: What does the "sad" sound after trying to send a message mean?
A: It means your message did not go through to the other recipient. Check your connectivity and try again. 

Q: If my Relay is on another channel, will I miss messages in the Everyone Group Chat?
A: No, you will not miss any messages being sent in the Everyone Group Chat! Since the Everyone Group Chat is the main chat by default, any device not actively on that chat will be automatically switched over, in order to hear the message! 

Q: Can the Relay and/or the Relay App initiate voice calls?
A: No, Relay was designed to have communication with its companion App, and since Relay does not have phone numbers attached to them, you cannot make or receive phone calls. 

Q: How Do I Speak to Only One Relay at a Time?
A: Ah, yes! Direct Chats enables the ability to speak to one Relay at a time. Learn more about to use the Direct Chats feature here

FYI: Both parties will need to be in the same chat at the same time in order to actively communicate. If both parties are not on the channel, your message will now be sent and stored as a "missed message" on the device. To playback that missed message, check out these articles for further instructions! Missed Messages on Relay Device and Missed Messages on the Relay App 

Q: Does a factory reset also remove software (ROM) updates:
A: No.  This is because software updates change the BIOS which is not modified during factory resets. 

Q: Is it possible to listen in on a child's Relay or initiate a call without them pressing the button.
A: No.  Here at Relay we value security and since our Privacy Policy and Children's Privacy Policy is taken very seriously, we do not listen or allow for listening in on a child's Relay, or initiating a call without them pressing the talk button.

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