Tracking Location Common Questions: 

Q: Can location notifications be made based on movement?
A: Yes! Creating a Geofenced area would allow your phone to be notified if a Relay has moved out of or into the perimeter that you have set up through the Relay app.

Q: Will the location history display when the Relay is offline?
A: Yes. The Relay App only updates when you are actively on the Location Tracking screen. 

Q: Can a Relay's location be found if the device is powered off?
A: Simply no. The Relay would need to be online as it would then be able to communicate the location to the App. 

Q: Can I sign into my account on my computer and track my Relays?
A: Location Data is only accessible through the Relay App directly. 

Q: Am I able to track more than one Relay on my account?
A: Absolutely! In the Relay App, tap on the map Icon -- you'll be able to see all Relays associated with your account. Tap on each Relay at the bottom middle of the screen, to show additional details about their last locations and refresh data! 

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