Tracking Location Common Questions: 

Q: Can location notifications be made based on movement?
A: Yes! Creating a Geofenced area would allow your phone to be notified if a Relay has moved out of or into the perimeter that you have set up through the Relay app.

Q: Will the location history display when the Relay is offline?
A: Yes. The Relay App only updates when you are actively on the Location Tracking screen. 

Q: Can a Relay's location be found if the device is powered off?
A: Simply no. The Relay would need to be online as it would then be able to communicate the location to the App. 

Q: Can I sign into my account on my computer and track my Relays?
A: Location Data is only accessible through the Relay App directly. 

Q: Am I able to track more than one Relay on my account?
A: Absolutely! In the Relay App, tap on the map Icon -- you'll be able to see all Relays associated with your account. Tap on the Relay that you'd like to track under the All Devices tab, search for a specific Relay by selecting the search icon, or track all the device in a Group by selecting the Group name next to the All Devices tab.

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