Ring Color: RED 

  • blinking FULL ring = This is an indicator your Relay is low on battery, usually 20% or lower. Current state is powered on and not charging

  • blinking PARTIAL ring = 

Ring Color: WHITE/BLUE 

  • FULL ring with section blinking = This indicates the Relay is currently at 100% battery. Current state is powered on and charging. 

  • PARTIAL ring with section blinking = This ring could also be partial or full, depending on the battery level as it charges. Current state is powered on, plugged in and charging. 

FYI: When using the talk button to communicate the LED ring will automatically displays the white ring, indicating how much battery life is remaining. Relay users can also make use of the assistant feature to request the the Relay's current charge - Relay Assistant.

— Connectivity — 

Ring Color: GREEN

  • FULL ring = When holding down the talk button, seeing this light indicates your group is online and receiving messages. 

Ring Color: RED 

  • FULL ring = When holding down the talk button, seeing this color indicates NO connectivity (either over WiFi or Cell data) in order to send or receive messages. 

FYI: Coverage can influence most connectivity issues, be sure to learn how to resolve that issue here as well as reaching out for any additional support! 

— Volume — 

Ring Color: WHITE/BLUE

  • Volume ring varies from PARTIAL to FULL depending on set level. A FULL circle indicates maximum volume selected. 

FYI: Push on the volume button once to see current volume level. Push button again to change the current volume until you reach desired level.

— Channels — 

Everyone Group Chat 

Ring Color: GREEN

  • This is the default channel that allows you to communicate amongst all Relay devices and Virtual Relays within your account!


  • This indicates there is a missed message to listen to on a Direct Chat. To play the missed message, press the power/channel button once, and the messages will instantly play. Missed messages are not available on Group Chats.

FYI: To Learn more about missed messages on the Relay device and how to play there, check out this article here

Daily Joke Channel 

Ring Color: PURPLE

  • When pressing the talk button, Daily Joke's can be heard. Press the talk button again to hear another joke. Keep going for some giggling action! 

Echo Channel 

Ring Color: ORANGE

  • Interactive channel that allows you to playback your voice in different frequencies (Faster, normal or lower pitch!) 

'Custom' Chat Channels 

Ring color: WHITE/BLUE

  • When holding down the talk button, this color will appear indicating you are communicating with members of this channel. 

FYI: When creating a 'Custom' Chat channel in the Relay app, you can then assign it a chat color. This color feature does not reflect on the specific Relay device. 

Translate Channel

Ring Color: BLUE

  • !Hola! Learn different languages on this translate channel! Press the talk button, speak in the language, and listen as Relay translates it for you. (Great tool to use for learning!)

 Music Channel 

Ring Color: YELLOW

  • Ready to show off those awesome dance moves? This channel allows you to play music that have has been added onto the Relay. 

FYI: Boogie on down to this article if you want to learn how to add music!

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