Worried about losing your Relay? Wanting to take Relay with you on adventures?
We have just the right accessory for you! 

The Relay Loop Case allows you to wear your Relay while you're on the go. This case provides you with a hands-free experience while receiving messages from other users. And, not to mention frees up your pockets!

What's all included:

  • Lanyard

  • Loop Case

  • Carabiner¬†

How to Properly Set Up and Wear the Loop Case with Carabiner & Lanyard


1. The lanyard comes with an adjustable clasp that allows you to change the length of the lanyard to fit the wearer. Before attaching the lanyard to the carabiner and Loop Case, move the lanyard's adjustable clasp to the opposite end of the clip that attaches to the carabiner. Depending on when you purchased the lanyard the adjustable clasp may not be included.

2. Clip the carabiner onto the notched section of the Loop Case. With just the Loop Case and carabiner, one can attach the Relay to a backpack, belt loop, or a host of other bodies for ease of access. Once you've clipped the carabiner onto the Loop Case, attach the lanyard to the carabiner.

3. Next, take your Relay and place it inside of the Loop Case ensuring that the buttons on the Relay line up with the buttons on the side of the case. The end result should resemble the image below.

Notice how the adjustable clasp is at the opposite end of the clip that attaches to the carabiner.

4. When wearing the lanyard, the adjustable clasp should be positioned at the back of the wearer's neck, with the breakaway latches being displayed on the chest of the wearer. Below are front and back examples of how to properly wear a Relay lanyard.

Note: The adjustable latch should NOT be positioned in front of the wearer. Wearing the lanyard incorrectly with the adjustable latch in the front would negate the safety breakaway latch and could subsequently cause harm to the wearer.

To purchase the Relay Loop Case with Carabiner and Lanyard, please visit https://relaygo.com/families/relay/accessories.

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