Welcome to your Relay App! 

Note: Please check that your app is updated to the latest version.

The Relay App is designed to be the companion of the Relay device. It allows Account Owners to activate Relay(s), manage chats & channels, update Relay(s), learn about their Relay(s), or get help from our support team when you need it. 

For those relegated to an Account User roll, it will grant them the ability to communicate with the Relay(s) and other app users on the account, along with viewing location information for the Relay. See Roles within the Relay App to learn more about the differences between an Owner and a User.

- Communication - 

The Microphone icon, located in the bottom center section of the app, allows you to send and receive messages from other Relay users in both direct chats and group chats. 

  • Tap and hold on the Microphone icon to initiate communication

  • As you begin talking, the icon will pulse green, indicating it is now using the microphone. 

The Relay App is designed to receive real-time messages while it is OPEN if you are in the same chat at the time the message is received. When you leave the app, real-time messages will not be played out loud, but you will be notified that your Relay is attempting to contact you.

If your Relay is contacting your from your Direct Chat, (what you named your app) then you will have the ability to play that message back once you open the app. This does not apply if your contacted from a Group Chat.

- Direct Chats / Contacts - 

Direct Chat: These chats are created when you add new app users or Relays to your account.  Direct Chats are used for 1:1 communication.  Within Direct Chats, you also have the option to view and playback missed messages! 

From the Direct Chat view, you can make use of the Relay In-App Controls among other things:

  • Send a one on one messages to your Relay or another app user

  • Listen to Missed Messages

  • Summon or switch your Relay to your chat or another chat/channel

  • Silence and lock down your Relay so that it doesn't become a disturbance by using Do Not Disturb (only applicable for Owners or Admins on the account)

  • Ring your Relay to catch the users attention - Ring My Relay feature

  • Manage settings.  We'll give into specific device settings a bit later in this guide

To navigate back to your home screen either select the arrow in the top left corner or hit the home button again.  Now lets dive into Group Chats!

- Group Chats - 

Group Chats are how you can communicate with groups of 3 or more!

Everyone Group Chat: is the default Group Chat that allows all users on your account to communicate with one another.  

A unique feature of the Everyone Group Chat is the ability to Force Users to Chat. The feature ensures every message sent in this chat will be played real time on a Relay device (unless the Relay device is in Do Not Disturb Mode).  This feature is helpful for 2 parents trying to communicate with their children and wish to keep the other parent updated at the same time. You can prevent this chat from forcibly switching your Relay unwantedly select "Everyone" which will take you to the chat settings page where you can toggle the "For Users to Chat" switch off.

Select the arrow in the top left corner to navigate back to the home page. 

If you're an Owner or Admin on the account, from the home page, you can create new Group Chats, and add or edit members! 

  • Tap on the '+' icon to Create a new Group Chat!


  • Tap on the Group Chat Name, then 'Add or Edit members' to make changes.

For details on how to use Direct Chats vs Group Chats and what each feature does check out this article: Chat Guide - How to Talk to Different People

Now that you're all set with Group Chats, click back to your home page and we'll review our Channels!

- Channels - 

Exploring all of the different channels is right at your fingertips! (literally..) Are you Ready to Translate your speech to another language? Maybe you’re ready to hear a Daily Joke to bring laughter into your day.. find a brief description of each channel here: 

  1. Echo channel: This is a private playback channel that repeats anything you say back to you in a faster or slower tone! 

  2. Instant Chat channel: This channel is a temporary chat that instantly connects Relays on other accounts. All you have to do is bump the backs of Relays together! Since this is a temporary chat, when you leave the channel, it will reset. 

  3. Music channel: This channel plays music that has been locally stored onto the Relay. You can navigate through awesome tunes by pressing the talk button! 

  4. Translate channel: Want to learn Spanish?  This channel has multiple languages to translate to and from! 

  5. Daily Joke: By pressing the talk button while on this channel, you’ll hear funny jokes! 

Note: Only app Owners or Admins can assign access to Channels for Relays and Users on the account. 

We have covered the home page which focuses on our communication features & channels.  Lets dive into location features next!

- Location Services - 

View the current and past locations of the Relay via GPS location using Maps right from your device, and receive up to date notifications when your Relay leaves certain boundaries via Geofencing.  Have a peace of mind knowing where your Relays are located and how to find them!  

Location Tracking 

  • Tap on the Map icon located on the bottom just to left of the microphone icon to provide a holistic map view of your Relays.

  • Tap on a specific Relay device you wish to track from the All Devices tab or by searching the name of the Relay by selecting the magnifying glass icon.  

After selecting the individual Relay, you'll see the detailed address information of the latest locations - How to Use Location Tracking.

From here, you have additional features such as: 

  • Manually refreshing the data, in order to receive/view the most recent GPS location. 

  • Ability to transfer GPS location to an available app in Android/iOS, that prompts directions to locate the Relay. 

FYI: By default, Location is automatically 'disabled'. To take full advantage of Tracking Location, ensure an Owner or Admin on the accout has enabled the feature.

Found your Relay(s)?! Awesome! Now let's create a Geofenced area so that you know when your Relay(s) have entered (exited) certain locations such as school, home, or the park.



From the home screen, tap on your Relay from the list of direct chats. Then, go to the settings icon at the top right and tap on Geofences in that menu. From there you'll want to select the option to Add a new Geofence (this option only available for Owners and Admins).

  • Tap on the search bar and input the address you would like the Geofence boundary to be centered around.


  • Use your fingers to maneuver the location pin to the desired location on the map.

  • Use the slider bar to adjust the Radius of your boundary to anywhere from 50 to 200 meters and tap Save new Geofence.

  • Create a name for your Geofence and hit Finish.

You'll be taken back to the Geofenced tab where you can view or delete your geofenced area(s) or create another one. Once created, you'll also be able to see the geofenced area(s) on the map in the Location tab.

You can learn more about Geofencing in the following article: How to Enable Geofencing for Relay

FYI: The Relay pings it's location every 10 minutes so it can take up to that amount of time for you to be notified when a Relay has entered (exited) a set boundary. Once a Relay enters a Geofenced area the map will not show exactly where in the boundary the Relay is located. The Geofence you create will be also be created for all Relays listed on the account. 

Only account Owners and Admins can create or remove Geofences

Now that we've covered chats, channels and location features what other helpful items are in the app?  

- News & Updates - 

Stay up-to-date with Relays latest releases, helpful tips to use Relay, and additional feature releases that could be coming soon! 

  • Tap on the Bell Icon to the right of the microphone icon, to view the latest news & updates! 

As new updates are pushed, there will be a magenta badge icon over the bell.  If we roll out a new feature, we'll let you know here!

- Settings - 

We've included a 'Settings' section of our app to allow additional modifications to certain settings, or find information pertaining to the Relay App/Relay device.  

  • Tap on the Gear Icon on the bottom right corner of the app! 

Quick description of each section under 'Settings': 

  • Channels - Lists current chats & channels you have enabled on your Virtual Relay

  • Change Name - Rename your Virtual Relay!

  • Send Diagnostics - Upload diagnostics to a Support Team Member. 

  • Geofences - Use this option to set up or remove geofences

  • Notification Settings - Includes 'Channel Activity' for your Relay. Toggle smart notifications 'on' to stay notified after 60 seconds of inactivity. Great for staying in the loop! 

  • Audio Settings - Decide if you would like the app to announce what channel it is on.

  • Activate a Relay - Follow these prompts to activate more than one Relay to your account.

  • Sign out - Sign out of your Relay account.

  • Referrals - Learn more about our Referral program and share your link to gain awesome Relay swag! 

  • How -to- Guides - Receive a quick synopsis of the buttons of the Relay app 

  • Device Guide - Recive a quick synopsis of the buttons on the Relay device and how to communicate.

  • About - Contains Privacy Policy information as well as Children's Privacy Policy.

FYI: To exit the 'Settings' page, tap on the home icon located on the bottom left corner of the screen to return to the home screen!

- Device Settings - 

Specific settings for a Relay device can be reviewed and managed by an Owner or Admin on the account from the Direct Chat for the Relay in question. Navigate back to the home page by clicking the home button on the bottom far left.  

  • From the home screen, select a Relay device.

  • Select the Settings icon in the top right corner. Here's a shot of what device settings there are with additional details below!

  • Location - Toggle this off/on for GPS Tracking.

  • Relay SOS - Send an SOS alert to an Account Owner's email, and every Virtual Relay app will have a banner notification appear. 

  • High Frequency Location Updates - Increase how ofte the Relay reports whether or not it's in a Geofenced area from every 10 minutes to every 5 minutes.

  • Channels - Manage channels being used and switch your Relay to a channel of your choosing 

  • WiFi Network - Change the WiFi network and view status of WiFi coverage.

  • Cell Network - Understand cell coverage in your area by reviewing Cell Network or navigate through different cell settings. 

  • Change Name - Spruce up your Relay with it's own name! 

  • Send Diagnostics - Support Team will ask for diagnostics if you are experiencing any issues! 

Scroll through this list for more: 

  • Check for Updates - See if your Relay has a new software version!  Keep your Relay updated to ensure new features work properly.

In the top right hand corner you'll see:

  • The Battery Icon - which shows the percentage of battery life the Relay has if tapped on.

  • If you have any questions on your Relay app the "?" Icon in the top right corner will connect you to our Relay Support Team!  Simply start a conversation with our support team or view current or past conversations you may have with them.  Our support is asynchronous.  You can chat real time in the app, come back and pick up from the app, or pick up via email. 

Still have questions? Ask Support!

Need help with your Relay?
Chat with our support agents online or within your Relay app once you've created an account.

In the App, tap on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, sign in here using an internet browser. 

  • Once signed in, a widget will appear with a friendly greeting. Here's where you can begin a conversation with us.

  • Our widget will also contain information such as 'System Status', Helpful Articles, and more!

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