Release Notes

App Version: v1.11

Release Date: 1/10/2019 (iOS version will take a few days to roll out)


  • Android

  • iOS

What's New

  • Background Audio - This is a big change that enables the Relay app to continue to play audio after you have closed or left the app.  Messages will continue to come through for an additional 60 seconds, so you won’t miss those “Hey, one more thing…” messages that come through after you think the conversation is over and leave the app. 

  • Activity Notification Settings - There is a new “Settings” section in the main menu of the app where you can choose your notification settings.  Your options include the following: 

  1. No Notifications -- self explanatory 

  2. Smart Notifications -- you get a new notification after 60 seconds of inactivity in the app

  • Force Switch Channel Toggle - “Force Switch” is the ability to automatically force everyone to the main Relay Channel if someone in the group is talking in Relay.  So if your child is listening to their Music Channel and you want to call them down for dinner, it will force their device over to the Relay channel to be able to hear/talk to you.  

This is to prevent Relay devices from missing messages.  The toggle will allow you to enable/disable the force switch on the Relay Channel.   

You will find this under “Manage Relays” → “Your Channels” → Relay [View] → Toggle

May the force (switch) be with you!

  • Remove Virtual Relays - This will allow you to remove any unwanted virtual Relays from the app.  Click on the virtual Relay that you want to remove in your main menu and click the three dots to see this the “Remove Device” option.

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