Talking to anyone and everyone is easy to do on Relay! In this article, we’ll break down how quick and easy it is to set up individual conversations with whomever you choose! 

Direct Chat vs Group Chats: 

Direct Chat: 

Automatically provides a one-on-one communication experience with member(s) of your account right within the Relay app.

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. Under the Direct Chat list, tap on the Relay device
  3. Now you may begin the conversation! 

Missed Messages: 

Seeing a magenta badge icon on the Relay Device under the Direct Chat List in the Relay App or a blinking green light or flashing green light on the Relay? This indicates there's a missed message. 

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FYI: In order to leave a message in the Direct Chat, the person receiving the message needs to be on a different chat, different channel, or powered down. If the person is on the same Direct Chat as you leave the message, it is then played in real-time. 

Group Chats:

Need to send a message to everybody on your account without creating multiple chats?! No action needed! The Everyone Group Chat communicates with everyone on your account (via app or Relay)

Every Relay that you have active on your account, and every app you log into using the same account information, will be connected through this default group chat. 

  • When your Relay is on the Everyone Group Chat, any message you send will automatically change everybody in your account into this chat regardless of the channel or chat they were on previously. 

You can setup new custom chats in the Relay app; one for mom and dad, one for the kids, as well as any other combination you want. If your kids have friends with Relays on different accounts, they can still chat. Relay account owners can send invitations through the app so the kids can chat. These invitations are sent through the specific chats that you want their friends on different accounts to have access to.

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. Under the Group Chat list, tap on the chat you wish converse in
  3. Tap on the Group Chat Icon at the top of the screen 

Let's add more people to this channel!! Are you ready? Awesome! 

On this same screen:

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. Under the Group Chat list, tap on the chat you wish to manage
  3. Tap on the Group Chat Icon at the top of the screen 
  4. Tap on the magenta icon to the right of Invite accounts to this chat

This will generate a link to allow other Relay users to join in on the fun! Share amongst your friends and family via messages, social media, or mail.

Ready to talk to all of your friends and family? 

Simply press the power button on the side of your Relay, to manually switch between chats and any interactive channels you've enabled. The Relay will then announce the name of the chat or channel you are currently on, and the one you are switching to! 

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