Talking to anyone and everyone is easy to do on Relay! In this article, we’ll guide you through our features for communicating and help connect the dots on using Relay for 1:1 chats, group chats, and when to expect missed messages vs real-time audio messages.

Direct Chat vs Group Chats: 

Direct Chat: 

These are set-up automatically when you add a new Relay device or new app user to your account.  Direct chats should be used for one-on-one communication.

From App to Relay:

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. From the Direct Chat list, tap on the Relay device
  3. Press and hold the mic to record your message.  Release to send.
  4. To receive a message back your app will need to remain open and in this Direct Chat.  If you navigate away from this Direct Chat or close your app you will receive a missed message notification and can play back the message.  

From Relay to App:

  1. Use the voice assistant to ensure you're on the right chat or channel.  Simply hold the volume button and state the name of the Direct Chat, i.e "Dad"
  2. Once the Relay is on the Direct Chat, press and hold the center button to record your message.  Release to send.
  3. If the Relay stays on this chat, you can engage in real-time conversation.  If the Relay Device changes to another chat or channel they will receive a missed message notification if a response is sent.  

Missed Messages

Seeing a magenta badge icon on the Relay Device under the Direct Chat List in the Relay App or a flashing green light on the Relay? This indicates you have a missed message. 

IMPORTANT: In order to leave a message in the Direct Chat, the person receiving the message needs to be on a different chat, different channel, have the app closed or be offline (no connection or powered off). If the person is on the same Direct Chat when the message is sent, it will be played in real-time. 

Here are a few articles that dive into more information on missed messages:

Missed Messages on Relay Device

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Group Chat:

Need to send a message to everybody on your account without creating multiple chats? The Everyone Group Chat is automatically set-up when you activate your Relay.  This group chat communicates with everyone on your account (via app or Relay)

A unique feature of the Everyone Group Chat is the ability to Force Users to Chat.  The feature ensures every message sent in this chat will be played real time on a Relay device (unless Relay device is in Do Not Disturb Mode).  This feature is helpful for 2 parents trying to communicate to 1 child and keep the other parent updated.

If your app is not open when a message is sent on the Everyone Group Chat the app user will receive an activity notification.  Missed messages are not available on Group Chats at this time.

To set-up Group Chats for 3+ users to communicate follow the below steps.  Group Chats can be helpful if your kids have friends with Relays on different accounts, they can still chat. Relay account owners can send invitations through the app so the kids can chat.  

To add additional users to a Group Chat: 

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. Select the Group Chat you wish to add a user to
  3. Tap on the magenta icon to the right of Invite accounts to this chat

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