The Everyone Group Chat is the default chat channel on your Relay service. When first activating a Relay or opening the app for the first time (after logging in) you will typically start on the Everyone Group Chat.  

When pressing the talk button in the Relay app or on the Relay device, all active Relays and Relay apps will be messaged at the same time as the Everyone Group Chat is a broadcast channel.

The Everyone Group Chat differs from the other channels with Relay in the following ways:

  1. Force Switch - When the Everyone channel is used, all active Relays and Relay apps are automatically switched to the Everyone Group Chat. This is to ensure that all active Relays and Relay apps can hear and participate in this default broadcast channel. (App users who have the app closed will receive a notification)

  2. Channel Limit - Relay is the default channel for all Relays and Relay apps. It is considered 1 of the 25 maximum channels the Relays and Relay apps may have assigned at any one time.  

  3. Unable to be Removed/Removed - The Everyone Group Chat is required and cannot be removed. Additionally, this channel cannot be renamed.

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