During the activation process, you may come across an error message that hinders your activation experience. The Relay team is here to help you along the way and help to find a resolution! First, let’s check out a few error messages that you may hear with a quick explanation. 

Examples of error messages:

  • “There was an error activating this device... try again or contact support"
  • "This device cannot connect to a network, to get started please go to Relaygo.com"

This could mean the Relay device is not receiving a good cell data connection or the SIM card is not properly seated in the Relay and will not be able to communicate an activation code to get started! At times, a quick reboot or re-inserting the SIM card can do the trick! 

Troubleshooting steps: 

  1. Power the Relay off and on & then press the talk button three times to get activation code again
  2. Attempt Removing/Reinstalling the SIM card while the Relay is powered off and power it back on to see if you can get the activation code
  3. Factory Reset the Relay

FYI: Please contact support and jot down the error message you hear along with the Relay’s IMEI number that can be found on the box (if applicable) if you are still unable to activate after performing a Factory Reset. 

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