Troubleshooting steps to take if your WiFi is not connecting/working properly for your Relay.


  1. Open the Relay app

  2. Tap on Devices

  3. Select the Relay having the issue

  4. Tap on WiFi

  5. Tap Forget to the right of the connected network

  6. Reconnect to the network

Still Not working?

  1. Restart the Relay by pressing and holding the Power AND Push & Talk buttons together simultaneously for 5 seconds

  2. Test on another WiFi network

Issue still persisting?

  1. Let's try to perform a factory reset as our next step

Additional Notes

  • Ensure that you're not connected to a guest or captive portal network

  • Ensure that you're connected to a 2.4 GHz frequency network as the Relay will not work on a 5 GHz network

  • If using Google WiFi, ensure that the network is not blocking your Relays

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