Did you know Relay has a Do Not Disturb Mode? When the Relay is in this state, it will only flash a white LED light and vibrate if you attempt to send a message to a family member or friend. Placing a Relay in Do Not Disturb mode even helps to prevent any accidental messages from coming through while it is in your backpack, pocket, or bag! 

We’ll help you disable Do Not Disturb mode with these quick instructions below: 

  1. Press the volume and power button at the same time. You’ll hear a message indicating that Do Not Disturb has been disabled. 

  2. Press the volume and power button again will place it back in that state.

  3. You can also remotely disable and enable Do Not Disturb from your Relay app by selecting your Relay's Direct Chat, going to the Settings tab, and toggling the switch next to Do Not Disturb.

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