Q: Can multiple phones connect to the account's physical Relays using the Relay app?

A: Yes. You can load the Relay app on multiple phones and logins by having the Account Owner, the person who activated the Relay, sending you an invite to join their account as either an Admin or User. The Owner can follow the steps located here: How to Add and Remove App Users and Admins on Your Relay Account.

Q: Is it possible to change a Relay device's name or icon in the Relay app?

A: You can change the name of the Relay, but not the icon associated with it. Learn how in this article here: How to Change the Name of a Relay

Q: How many Relays can be on one account?

A: There is a limit of 10 Relays per account at this time.

Q: How many Relays can be connected together to talk at one time?

A: All 10 Relays on the same account can be connected through a Group Chat, but if you invite other accounts to the Group Chat, you can have unlimited Relays in the chat. Learn how to invite other accounts here: How to Send a Group Chat Invitation

Q:  Will my Relay app work without a data plan?

A: No, the Relay App needs to be able to communicate over the Internet with the Relays. The app will need to either have WiFi or Cellular access at all times to work.

Q: Does Relay have to be connected to WiFi to work?

A: No, your Relay has a cellular data feature that connects your Relays when away from WiFi.

Q: Can you use Relay with an iPhone?

A: There is a Relay app available via the App store that can be used on iPhone devices

Q: Can I connect Relay to a Guest WiFi network?

A: No. Currently, Relay isn't compatible with "captive portal" networks. They have no screen and cannot accept terms.

Q: Why should I connect my Relay to WiFi?

A: Buildings can interfere with cell signal, so a Relay may get better service indoors through WiFi.

Q: Can I remotely connect my Relay to WiFi?

A: Yes. You can use your Relay app on your smartphone to connect your Relay devices to the WiFi network that is nearest to them.

Q:  Does everyone in my family need a physical Relay device or can I use an app instead?

A: You will be able to communicate with the Relay through the Android or iOS Relay app.  

Q: When I activate, will I be charged for the $9.99 monthly service fee?

A. Yes. If you purchased from Relay directly and log in using the same credentials then you will not have to add a card number, it will use the same one you ordered with. If you purchase from anywhere else you will be asked to setup your account and will be charge the service fee upon activation.

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