Your account portal will allow you to view the Relays associated with your account, update your account information, and view your orders, invoices, and returns all in one convenient location. Sign in to your Online Account Portal by visiting and click on the "Account" link. Use your existing Relay account credentials to log in to your account

Account Info

  1. Click Account Info in the drop down menu

  2. This tab will show you all the physical Relays associated with your account along with the color, IMEI, and Next Bill Date for each Relay

Orders and Invoices

  1. Click Orders and Invoices in the drop down menu

  2. Choose a date range from the dropdown menu. You can view the transactions from a specific month, the last 90 days, or up to the last 365 days 

  3. This tab will allow you to see all the billing transactions and orders tied to your account which include credits, invoices, and orders made through or customer support on your behalf.


  1. Click Returns in the drop down menu

  2. This tab will allow you to see any items that you purchased from or were provided by Relay support that are eligible to be returned.

Additional Notes

  • Items purchased through 3rd party channels such as Amazon, Target,, or US Cellular would not be eligible for returns through Relay support. You would need to contact the channel you purchased the Relay from for potential return options.

  • Relays purchased through and activated on another account (gifted Relays) would not be eligible for return from the giftee's account.


This tab will allow you to update the name, email address, and phone number associated with your Relay account.

  1. Click Profile in the drop down menu

  2. Click into the field you wish to update 

  3. Update the field(s) with the desired information


This tab will allow you to update or change the password for your Relay account.

  1. Click Password in the drop down menu

  2. Enter your new password in the New Password field 

  3. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm Password field

Additional Notes

  • Changing the password will not log app users associated with your account out of the app. App users would only have to use the new password if they log out and attempt to log back into the app.


This Payment tab will allow you to update your billing address and Payment Information associated with your account.

  1. If you are just changing the Billing Address, you can update that information in the top section and then click Update payment

  2. If you need to add a new form of payment, scroll down to the Payment Information section

  3. Enter your new payment information, then click Update payment

Additional Notes

  • Prepaid credit cards are not a valid payment method.

  • The billing address must be based in the United States. 


This Privacy tab will allow you to allow or restrict the use of your Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”) for the purposes of offering new types of products and services or sharing with third parties for non-marketing purposes.

  1. You can learn more about CPNI by clicking the Learn More About CPNI link on the page

  2. You can allow the use of CPNI by checking the box or restrict it by unchecking the box

Additional Notes

  • You can also view our policies on privacy in the Relay app by tapping on the Settings icon in the app, selecting About, and tapping the privacy policy you wish to view.

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Need help with your Relay?
Chat with our support agents online or within your Relay app once you've created an account.

In the App, tap on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, sign in here using an internet browser. 

  • Once signed in, a widget will appear with a friendly greeting. Here's where you can begin a conversation with us.

  • Our widget will also contain information such as 'System Status', Helpful Articles, and more! 

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