1. Enable the Music channel on one or more of your Relays 

  2. Change the channel on your Relay to the Music channel

  3. Plug your Relay into your computer via the USB charging cable
    (Make sure that your Relay is powered on before you connect it to your computer. Your Relay will load as a disk drive and may open automatically.)

  4. If the Relay’s disk drive doesn’t open automatically, open the computer’s File Explorer

  5. Click on this PC

  6. Double click on Relay

  7. Double click on Internal shared storage

  8. Double click on the Music folder

  9. Copy and paste, or drag and drop, song files into the Music folder

Apple/Mac OS 


  1. Enable the Music channel on one or more of your Relays 

  2. Change the channel on your Relay to Music

  3. Plug your Relay into your Mac using the Relay’s USB charging cable 

  4. Since it will not be recognized at first,
    you need to download “Android File Transfer”

    (Click this link to download it —

  5. Click on Download Now
    (In Safari, the download will show up in the upper right corner look for the down arrow icon)

  6. Double Click on Android File Transfer to open the Installer

  7. When the Installer opens, click onto the Android Robot icon and drag it on top of the Applications folder.
    (Once you let go, it should begin the installation of the application.)

  8. Open Android File Transfer

  9. Double click on the listed Music Folder

  10. Open iTunes and locate a song you wish to add to Relay

  11. Drag and drop the song file from iTunes to the Music Folder
    (This only works with purchased music)

Additional Notes

  • We support most major audio formats (mp4, m4a, aac, flac, 3gp, mid, mp3, mkv, ogg) they must be DRM free.

  • When dragging the music file to the Music folder on Relay, it may be easier to drag the song specifically out of iTunes/Windows Media Player and onto the Desktop. Then, once the file is on the Desktop, drag that to the Relay’s Music Folder.

  • The Android File Transfer application will be what you use in order to download the music onto your Relay, similarly to how you would use iTunes to add music onto your iPhone.

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