Description of each different channel:  

  1. Daily Joke Channel: Get new, funny content on your Relay every day, as well as listen to the previous days' jokes! Jokes are appropriate for kids of all ages.

  2. Direct Chats: Automatically provides a one-on-one communication experience with member(s) of your account right within the Relay app.

  3. Echo Channel: This silly channel repeats what you say back to you in a funny tone. Just turn to the echo channel, press and talk into the Relay, then hear your words repeated back to you in a variety of funny tones.

  4. Everyone Group Chat: This channel is a default group channel that allows all of your accounts' devices to communicate with one another 

  5. Group Chat: You can set up new custom chat channels in the Relay app; one for mom and dad, one for the kids, as well as any other combination you want. If your kids have friends with Relays on different accounts, they can still chat. Relay account owners can send invitations through the app so the kids can chat. These invitations are sent through the specific chat channels that you want their friends on different accounts to have access to. You can also invite people from other accounts to this channel (referred to as Open Chat). 

  6. Instant Chat Channel: This creates a temporary chat channel between Relays on different accounts. Switch the Relay to the instant chat channel, bump two Relays together, and they'll be able to chat. It's great for playdates. The main difference here is that the channel goes away once one of the Relays switches to a different channel.

  7. Music Channel: Upload your child's favorite songs directly to the Relay so they can listen on the go, either out loud or with headphones. They can play, pause, shuffle, and skip tracks with the press of a button, and most file formats are supported.

  8. Translate Channel: Learn something new with the translate channel! Speak into your Relay or app in one language and hear it translate back into another. Relay currently supports 15 languages and counting. Use the app to setup language translation on each of your Relay devices, personalizing which languages each Relay can speak.

Additional Information

  • By default, you'll have access to the Everyone Group Chat on your Relay(s) and Relay app(s) and the Echo channel on the Relay only. 

  • Channels are like apps, and you need to add or remove them via the Relay app for each Relay or Relay app. To see how, please visit How to Enable Channel Access on a Relay.

  • To change chat/channels on your Relay, please see How to Change the Channel on Relay.

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