What is an IMEI? It is a unique numerical identifier for every device. This number helps to differentiate each device from one another. The IMEI helps support locate your Relay in our systems. Support may even ask for this in certain circumstances.
Locate the IMEI of your Relay in two easy ways! 


  1. Head to Relaygo.com
  2. Click on Account in the upper right and sign in
  3. Under Manage Your Account, click on Account Info
  4. Scroll (if needed) to the Relay you wish to locate IMEI for
  5. Locate the line titled “Relay Information”
     (This IMEI is also identified as a Device ID and is the 15 digit number listed here)

If Not Activated, it is located on the box the Relay came in:

The second option for locating the IMEI, can be verified by looking on the sticker attached to the back of the Relay device itself OR looking at the sticker located on the side of the box the Relay unit came in! 

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