Release Notes

  • App Version: v1.5.40
  • Release Date(s): 07/09/18
  • Environment: Android & iOS


  • Changed - Animal names are now introduced on the activation screen
  • Changed - Channel alert notification now directly opens the in-app Relay screen if the app was left on another screen
  • Changed - The keyboard now remains open when selecting different fields in the app
  • Changed - Location now displayed as latitude/longitude for more precise locations in poorly mapped areas
  • Changed - When a network connection isn’t available, the "Retry button" now refreshes the app and looks for a connection
  • New - Relay app now receives notification alerts when a Relay’s Battery hits 25%, 10%, and 5% (Note: Relay's must be updated to ROM 105 or later) Clicking battery alerts within app shows additional information for the specific Relay
  • New - Relay app now allows user to immediately update Relay instead of waiting for a nighttime update (Note: Relay's must be updated to ROM 105 or later)
  • Fixed - Audio from other applications is now paused when switching to the Relay app
  • Fixed - Channel alerts / battery level notifications are properly cleared when logging out of the Relay app
  • Fixed - Loading icons now show up when enabling location history, and are no longer persistent on the in-app Relay screen
  • Fixed - Tapping the back button on the "Forgot Password" screen doesn’t close the app

Additional Notes

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