Performing a Factory Reset can help to restore the Relay back to the default settings, and potentially fix any issues you may be experiencing by clearing any unexpected software issues. 

Before You Factory Reset:  The Relay will need to be synced to the app again after factory resetting by inputting the activation code.  This process can only be done by an Account Owner in the app,  and until this is performed, the Relay will not be able to function. Account Users and Admins with limited access will not have the ability to "reactivate" a Relay after a factory reset.  



  1. Ensure that an Account Owner is nearby

  2. Press and hold the Power and Volume buttons at the same time

  3. While holding the Power and Volume buttons down, press and hold the Talk button. (don't wait too long to press or it will power off). During this step, you may hear “This device is now locked..continue to hold all three buttons!

  4. Once you hear "Continue holding the buttons to Factory Reset the device…” and feel the Relay vibrate, you may release the buttons!

Once the reset is successful/complete, the Relay will reboot and prompt you to activate your Relay; you will NOT be charged.

Important Note

After the reset, if the Relay does not state "Your Relay is not activated....", the factory reset was NOT completed/unsuccessful. Please REPEAT the above steps. 

Additional Notes 

  • Factory resetting a Relay will NOT remove the latest device version; however, it will remove any music that has been stored onto the device.

  • Only owners on the account can reactivate the Relay after a factory reset. Learn more about the Roles within the Relay app.

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