Before we begin, let’s ensure Location is enabled for the Relay:

Enabling Location Tracking is only accessible to Account Owners or Admins. Account Users will not be able to enable Location Tracking but can view and make use of the feature once it's enabled.

  1. Open the Relay App

  2. Tap on Devices

  3. Tap on the desired Relay device

  4. Tap on the toggle to the right of Location

  5. Review the Privacy Notice and tap OK to accept
    (The toggle should turn green when enabled.)

Now, let’s learn how to Track a Relay’s location:

  1. Head back to your Relay app's Home page

  2. Select Location

  3. Find the Relay you'd like to track by selecting it from the All Devices tab or by searching for the Relay's name by selecting the magnifying glass

  4. To get updates as the Relay moves, select the desired Relay from the list of Relays at the bottom of the location screen and swipe down on the populated Location History list to update
    (Note: Relays do not update in real-time; however, you can get an updated address every 60 seconds while viewing the individual Relay's Location History tab.)

  5. To get directions to find the Relay, tap on the reported address

  6. For a satellite view of your Relay's location, tap on the Satellite/Image icon in the top-right corner

Additional Notes

  • You can also create boundaries for your Relay and be notified when it enters (exits) certain locations by creating a Geofenced area, which you can learn more about here: How to Enable Geofencing for Relay

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