Carrying around the Relay in your backpack, or in your pocket? Afraid you may accidentally send a message? Don't worry! The Relay has a feature that allows you to lock the device to prevent any unwarranted messages from going through! When you're ready to unlock it, use the same method as you did to lock it! Find out more below. 


To lock or unlock the Relay:

  • Press the Power and Volume buttons at the same time
     (Immediately afterwards, there will be a voice prompt indicating if the device is either locked or unlocked)

Additional Notes

  • Locked means that all buttons on the Relay will be locked and will require unlocking to use
  • While locked, inbound messages will still work. The user must unlock the Relay in order to reply
  • Pressing any single button while Relay is locked will cause the LED ring to flash white twice and announce that it is locked

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