To Send a Message:

  1. Ensure your Relay is set to the proper chat in which you want to communicate - How to Change the channel on a Relay

  2. Press and Hold the Talk button
    (Upon pressing the Talk button to record your message, the Relay will vibrate to indicate that the outbound audio stream has been opened)

  3. Speak clearly into the Relay

  4. Release the Talk button when finished
    (Your Relay will emit a short beep to indicate that the outbound audio stream has been closed and the message sent)

To Receive a Message:

  1. Ensure that your Relay is turned on 

  2. When you receive a message, it will automatically play the audio message out loud as long as the Relay is on the chat for the individual contacting them (Ex. Relay is on the chat Mom, and Mom is sending a message on the Direct chat for the Relay).

FYI: Both parties will need to be in the same chat at the same time in order to actively communicate. If both parties are not on the channel, your message will now be sent and stored as a "missed message" on the device if using Direct Chats (not applicable for Group Chats). To playback that missed message, check out these articles for further instructions! Missed Messages on Relay Device and Missed Messages on the Relay App 

Additional Notes

  • Hold the Relay about 6 inches from the mouth, ensuring the speaker holes are facing you, as you may sound far away when the speaker is facing out.

  • If your Relay is in a direct chat, group chat, or interactive channel when a message is sent to it from the Everyone Group Chat, it will automatically switch to this chat and play the message out loud). 

  • If no one in the group is online, the Relay will interrupt you and let you know this.

  • If there is a problem delivering the message to the other Relays, the sender will be notified by a pair of deep, descending notes ( "DONG-dong").

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