Changing the Channel on the Relay is right at your fingertips! (literally..) Are you Ready to Translate your speech to another language? Maybe you’re ready to hear a Daily Joke to bring laughter into your day.. Learn how to below! 

There's currently two ways to change the channel on your Relay! 

  1. Manually press the Power Button

  2. Use the Relay Assistant to change the channel for you via the Volume Button

Power Button to change channels: 

  • Press and release the Power button once
    (Relay will announce its name, current channel and briefly flash the LED with the channel color)

  • Press and release the Power button again within 5 seconds for Relay to announce and change to the next available channel

  • Press and release the Power button repeatedly for Relay to rotate through the channels

Relay Assistant to change channels: 

  • Press and hold the volume button, say the name of the channel or chat that you wish to navigate to, and Relay Assistant will switch you over automatically. 

All set! Now you can start exploring all of the fun interactive channels and chats that Relay has to offer, or tell a secret to your friends!          

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